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The polysaccharide ulvan, composed of sulphated rhamnose, glucoronic and iduronic acids was used to produce polymeric membranes by solvent casting. As ulvan is soluble in water, a cross-linking step was necessary to render the membrane insoluble in water and stable at physiological conditions. Cross-linked ulvan membranes were characterized by FTIR, SEM, swelling behaviour was investigated and the mechanical performance assessed by quasi-static tensile testing. Furthermore, the ability and mechanism of sustained release of a model drug from ulvan membranes was investigated. Produced membranes revealed remarkable ability to uptake water (up to \~{}1800\% of its initial dry weight) and increased mechanical performance (1.76\ MPa) related with cross-linking. On the other hand, medicated ulvan dressings demonstrate the potential as drug delivery devices. Using a model drug we have observed an initial steady release of the drug {\textendash} of nearly 49\% {\textendash} followed by slower and sustained release up to 14 days. The properties of ulvan membranes herein revealed suggest a great potential of this natural sulphated polysaccharide as a wound dressing.

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