@article {17558,
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In recent years, progress in the field of hybrid materials has been accelerated through use of
the sol{\textendash}gel process for creating materials and devices, which benefit from the incorporation of
both inorganic and organic components. In this work, organic{\textendash}inorganic hybrid membranes were
prepared from tetraethoxysilane and a blend system composed of chitosan and soy protein. By
introducing a small amount of siloxane bond into the chitosan/soy protein system, the chitosan/
soy protein hybrid membranes were improved in terms of structure, topography and mechanical
properties. It appears that the chitosan/soy protein hybrid membranes were formed by discrete
inorganic moieties entrapped in the chitosan/soy protein blend, which improved the stability and
mechanical performance assessed by the dynamic mechanical analysis as compared to chitosan/
soy protein membrane. Also, in vitro cell culture studies evidenced that the chitosan/soy protein
hybrid membranes are non-cytotoxic over a mouse fibroblast-like cell line. The hybrid membranes
of silane-treated chitosan/soy protein developed in this work have potential in biomedical
applications, including tissue engineering.

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