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An alternative, green method was used to develop chitin-based biocomposite (ChHA) materials
by an integrated strategy using ionic liquids, supercritical fluid drying, and salt leaching. ChHA
matrices were produced by dissolving chitin in 1-butyl-methylimidazolium acetate along with salt
and/or hydroxyapatite particles and then subsequent drying. The ChHA composite formed had
a heterogeneous porous microstructure with 65\%{\textendash}85\% porosity and pore sizes in the range
of 100{\textendash}300 {\textmu}m. The hydroxyapatite was found to be well distributed within the composite
structures and had a positive effect in the viability and proliferation of osteoblast-like cells, in
vitro. Our findings indicate that these ChHA matrices have potential applications in bone tissue

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