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Periodontal disease is highly prevalent in humans and dogs. Tissue Engineering (TE) strategies is an alternative for the therapies which fail to regenerate the periodontium.

Our goal was to develop a double layer tissue-engineered scaffold (DLS) based on starch+poly-caprolactone (SPCL) enriched with adipose stem cells (ASCs) for periodontal regeneration.


The DLS was obtained by combining a SPCL solvent casting membrane and a wet-spun fibre mesh (WS) without (SPCL) and with (SPCL-Si) osteoconductive silanol groups. The materials were characterized by Fourier Transmission Infra-red (FTIR), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), mechanical and degradation tests.

Canine ASCs were isolated from dog{\textquoteright}s adipose tissue and characterized in terms of stemness (gene expression of CD73, CD90 and CD105) and osteogenic potential (COLIA1, RUNX2 and Osteocalcin). These cells were seeded/cultured onto the scaffolds and then characterized by MTS, DNA quantification, SEM, real time RT-PCR and ALP quantification.

Finally, DLS were assessed in a mandibular rodent model and compared to collagen commercial membranes. After 8 weeks, new bone formation was quantified in the explants (Donath technique).


The results confirmed the WS functionalization with silanol groups. DLS exhibited adequate tensile strength and degradation behaviour and provided a good support for ASCs adhesion and proliferation. SPCL-Si-WS revealed higher expression of osteogenic markers.

Histomorphometry revealed that SPCL-Si-DLS induced higher bone formation compared to SPCL-DLS and collagen.


The functionalized DLS in combination with canine ASCs revealed good potential to be used in of bone and periodontium TE strategies.

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