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Layer-by-Layer (LbL) assembly is a simple and highly versatile method to\ modify surfaces and fabricate robust and highly-ordered nanostructured coatings\ over almost any type of substrate. Such versatility enables the incorporation\ of a plethora of building blocks, including materials exhibiting switchable\ properties, in a single device through a multitude of complementary intermolecular\ interactions. Switchable materials may undergo reversible physicochemical\ changes in response to a variety of external triggers. Although\ most of the works in the literature have been focusing on stimuli-responsive\ materials that are sensitive to common triggers such as pH, ionic strength, or\ temperature, much less has been discussed on LbL systems which are sensitive\ to non-invasive and easily controlled light stimulus, despite its unique\ potential. This review provides a deep overview of the recent progresses\ achieved in the design and fabrication of light-responsive LbL polymeric\ multilayer systems, their potential future challenges and opportunities, and\ possible applications. Many examples are given on light-responsive polymeric\ multilayer assemblies built from metal nanoparticles, functional dyes, and
metal oxides. Such stimuli-responsive functional materials, and combinations\ among them, may lead to novel and highly promising nanostructured smart\ functional systems well-suited for a wide range of research fields, including\ biomedicine and biotechnology.

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