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The aim of this chapter is to describe in detail the advances in polyethylene reinforced
with lignocellulosic material. Indeed, the successful employment of natural
based materials to reinforce/improve the properties of polyolefins has been
growing in a wide range of applications. Firstly, basic concepts and terminology
adopted in the lignocellulosic composite materials are reviewed. The objective is to
bring the reader{\textquoteright}s attention to important issues that must to be taken into account
when working in this subject as well as by providing the most appropriate references
for those with interest to delve into the topic. In the context of polyethylene lignocellulosic
composites, ongoing research is then summarised mainly focussing
on (i) the main aspects related to the selection of the commonly used lignocellulosic
materials and the potential of its main chemical constituents, (ii) the principal
methods used for the improvement of interfacial adhesion and (iii) the main
adopted processing routes and the composite properties. Finally, applications, new
challenges and opportunities of these polyethylene-lignocellulosic composites are
also discussed.

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