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Tendons are connective tissues mainly composed of hierarchically organized extracellular matrix (ECM) whose function is transmitting forces between muscles and bones. Natural healing of tendons is highly ineffective and current repair strategies present numerous limitations. Thus, tissue engineering (TE) may provide alternative therapies for the treatment of tendon injuries. For this purpose, multiple strategies are being developed to fabricate biomimetic materials that recapitulate native tissue microenvironment, especially the tendon{\textquoteright}s hierarchical architecture and biomechanical behavior. Given the fibrous nature of tendon ECM, fibrous biomaterials have been obvious candidates as scaffolds for tendon TE. In this chapter, several fiber-based approaches for tendon scaffolding are reviewed, as well as their assembly into higher hierarchical structures using textile techniques. In particular, the usefulness and particularities of the referred methods are discussed, focusing on their potential for the fabrication of hierarchical and biomimetic materials for tendon regeneration.

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