@article {18536,
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Functionalized electrospun fibers are of great interest for biomedical applications such as in the design of drug delivery systems. Nevertheless, in some cases the molecules of interest have poor solubility in water or have high melting temperatures. These drawbacks can be overcome using deep eutectic solvents. In this work, poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA), a common biodegradable biopolymer, was used to produce new functionalized fibers with the eutectic mixture choline chloride:citric acid in a molar ratio of (1:1) ChCl:CA (1:1), which was used as a model system. Fibers were produced from an aqueous solution with 7.8\% (w/v) and 9.8\% (w/v) of 95\% hydrolyzed PVA and a 2\% (v/v) of ChCl:CA (1:1). Smooth, uniform fibers with an average diameter of 0.4 μm were obtained with a content of 19.8 wt \% of ChCl:CA (1:1) encapsulated

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