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In this study, cell responses on micropatterned films that were changing in groove{\textendash}ridge widths and pattern depth were investigated to compare the degree of size effects from X{\textendash}Y and Z planes. Poly(caprolactone) films with five different groove{\textendash}ridge sizes and three pattern depths were prepared by hot embossing technique. In general, the morphologies of osteoblast cell were not changed noticeably by the size changes in groove{\textendash}ridges with the same depth size. However, cell morphologies were changed significantly when pattern depths were increased from 1.35 to 4.95 {\textmu}m. Also, the cell morphology change between different groove{\textendash}ridges was significant when the pattern depth was small (1.35 {\textmu}m), and these effects were diminished or masked when the pattern depth was increased to 4.95 {\textmu}m. Linear regression analysis further clarifies that unit size changes in depth may affect cell length and orientation rates 2.4 and 4 times, respectively, in comparison to rates obtained from X{\textendash}Y planes.

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