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2017 (78)
Fernandes E. M., Pires R. A., and Reis R. L., "Cork biomass biocomposites: Lightweight and sustainable materials", Lignocellulosic Fibre and Biomass-Based Composite Materials: Processing, Properties and Applications, Eds. Jawaid M., Tahir P., and Saba N., Woodhead Publishing, pp. 365-385, 2017.
da Silva Morais A., Maia F. R., Reis R. L., and Oliveira J. M., "Cell Culture Methods", Bio-orthopaedics: A New Approach, Eds. Gobbi A., Espregueira-Mendes J., Lane J. G., and Karahan M., Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 619-635, doi:10.1007/978-3-662-54181-4_49, 2017.
Cengiz I. F., Oliveira J. M., Ochi M., Nakamae A., Adachi N., and Reis R. L., "“Biologic” Treatment for Meniscal Repair", Injuries and Health Problems in Football, Eds. van Dijk C. N., Neyret P., Cohen M., Villa S., Pereira H., and Oliveira J. M., Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 679-686, 2017.
2016 (155)
Silva E. D., Gonçalves A. I., Santos L. J., Rodrigues M. T., and Gomes M. E., "Magnetic-Responsive Materials for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine", Smart Materials for Tissue Engineering: Fundamental Principles, Eds. Wang Q., Royal Society of Chemistry, pp. 491-519, doi:10.1039/9781782626756-00491, 2016.
Neves N. M., and Reis R. L., "Biomaterials From Nature For Advanced Devices And Therapies", Biomaterials From Nature For Advanced Devices And Therapies, doi:10.1002/9781119126218, 2016.
Silva-Correia J., Oliveira J. M., and Reis R. L., "Gellan gum-based Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering Applications", Biomaterials from Nature for Advanced Devices and Therapies, Eds. Neves N. M., and Reis R. L., Wiley, pp. 320-337, 2016.

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