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The fabrication of micrometer-sized core-shell
particles for ultrasound-triggered delivery offers a variety of
applications in medical research. In this work, we report the
design and development of a glass capillary microfluidic system
containing three concentric glass capillary tubes for the
development of core-shell particles. The setup enables the
preparation of perfluorocarbon-alginate core-shell microspheres
in a single process, avoiding the requirement for
further extensive purification steps. Core-shell microspheres
in the range of 110-130 μm are prepared and are demonstrated to be stable up to 21 days upon immersion in calcium chloride
solution or water. The mechanical stability of the particles is tested by injecting them through a 23 gauge needle into a
polyacrylamide gel to mimic the tissue matrix. The integrity of the particles is maintained after the injection process and is
disrupted after ultrasound exposure for 15 min. The results suggest that the perfluorcarbon-alginate microparticles could be a
promising system for the delivery of compounds, such as proteins, peptides, and small-molecule drugs in ultrasound-based
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