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Purpose of the work was to modified natural based eumelanin nanoparticles surface by dopamine self-polymerization (FEUNp), facilitating conjugation through polydopamine bioactive functional groups and improving nanoparticle surface hydrophilicity. SEM, TEM, and AFM characterization confirmed FEUNp spherical shape (230.04\ {\textpm}\ 8.25\ nm) and their polydopamine coating. Individual indole or indoline structure spectrum at 1600\ cm-\ 1\ and C:N mass 9.08 was highlighted by FTIR and XPS analysis respectively. Quartz-crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring (QCM-D) and thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA) showed successful polydopamine adsorption to eumelanin nanoparticles surface, a weight ratio of eumelanin nanoparticles/dopamine of 1/2.46 in the wet state and 1/0.20 in the dry state; the -\ 36.60\ {\textpm}\ 0.45\ mV negatively surface charges confirms the presence of PD covering. FEUNp were loaded with gentamicin sulfate, for application in infectious diseases therapies, such as osteomyelitis. Nanoparticles drug entrapment efficiency was 32.42\ {\textpm}\ 3.21\%, and ζ-potential close to neutrality (-\ 1.84\ {\textpm}\ 0.58\ mV). FEUNp-GS antimicrobial effect was tested on\ Staphylococcusaureus\ and\ Escherichiacoli\ showing gentamicin 24\ h sustained release from FEUNp-GS. IC50\ and IC90\ were 110.60\ μg/mL and 216.39\ μg/mL against\ S.\ aureus, and 54.13\ μg/mL and 101.25\ μg/mL against\ E.\ coli. The results are promising for FEUNp-GS as delivery system potentially useful diverse administration routes.

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