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2000 (18)
Neves N. M., Pontes A. J., and Pouzada A. S., "Effect of the interaction coefficient in the prediction of the fiber orientation of injection molded glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate", Antec 2000: Society of Plastics Engineers Technical Papers, Conference Proceedings, Vols I-Iii, pp. 2377-2381, 2000.
1999 (17)
Dryanska V., and Pashkuleva I., "A simple and efficient synthesis of g-aminobutyric acid (GABA) derivatives", Organic Preparation and Procedures International (OPPI), vol. 31, pp. 232, 1999.
Neves N. M., and Pouzada A. S., "The use of morphology data in the design of injection moulded flat products", Antec '99: Plastics Bridging the Millennia, Conference Proceedings, Vols I-Iii: Vol I: Processing; Vol Ii: Materials; Vol Iii: Special Areas;, pp. 3309-3313, 1999.
1998 (10)
Ribeiro A. S., Malafaya P. B., and Reis R. L., "Técnicas inovadoras para a produção de materiais porosos cerâmicos e poliméricos", Workshop on Porous Materials, Biomaterials Network of CYTED PROJECT VIII.6, 1998.
Reis R. L., Granja P. L., and Cunha A. M., "Impact behaviour of UHMWPE/HA Composites for Orthopaedic Prosthesis", Frontiers in Biomedical Polymers Applications, Technomic Pub., Zurich, pp. 251-263, 1998.
1997 (8)
1996 (5)
1995 (4)
1994 (3)
1993 (1)
1992 (4)

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