Alexandra Marques, 2003

last updated: 2014-01-21

Alexandra Marques, Honorary mention awarded by The Society for Biomaterials to the work “ The effect of surface modification of starch based degradable biomaterials on the adhesion and proliferation of osteoblast-like cells” presented on the 29th Annual Meeting of The Society for Biomaterials, Reno, Nevada, USA, April 2003

Manuela Gomes, 2001

last updated: 2012-10-23

Manuela Gomes, Student Travel and Professional Development Honorable Mention, 2001, Society for Biomaterials, Saint Paul-Minnesota, EUA, for outstanding student research in biomaterials.

Alexandra Marques, 2000

last updated: 2012-10-23

Alexandra Marques, Student prized at TATE - The Art of Tissue Engineering Seminar and Workshop, November 2000, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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