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A semiautomated microfluidic platform for real-time investigation of nanoparticles' cellular uptake and cancer cells' tracking.


Aims: develop a platform composed of labeled dendrimer nanoparticles and a microfluidic device for real-time monitoring of cancer cells fate. Materials and Methods: The physicochemical and biological characterization of the developed Carboxymethyl-chitosan/poly(amidoamine) (CMCht/PAMAM) dendrimer nanoparticles were performed using TEM, AFM, Zeta Sizer, DSC and cytotoxicity screening. Cancer cell lines derived from different tumor types, including HeLa (Cervical Carcinoma), HCT-116 (Colon Carcinoma) and U87MG (Glioblastoma), were exposed to different concentrations of CMCht/PAMAM dendrimer nanoparticles over a period of 3 days (MTS/DNA). Results: Nanoparticles were successfully modified with an average size of 50 nm. Internalization levels go from 87% to 100% in static and from 95% to 100% in dynamic conditions. Viability levels range from 95% to 100% in static and from 90% to 100% in dynamic conditions, being HCT the most sensitive to the presence of the NP. Conclusions: the results show different responses to the presence of 0.5 mg.mL-1 dendrimer nanoparticles when comparing static to dynamic conditions, with a tendency towards higher sensitivity when subjected to confinement. This work demonstrated that the proposed microfluidic-based platform allows real-time cell monitoring, which, upon more studies, namely the assessment of the drug release effect, could be used for cancer theranostics.

cell tracking, circulating tumor cells, Microfluidics, Nanoparticles, theranostics
Open Access
Peer Reviewed
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