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Processing Lab I
The Processing Lab I is a shared resource, devoted for execution of experiments that require the equipments present in the lab itself and as a support infrastructure to the Supercritical Room P0.15.
It is equipped with water supply and a sink for washing material, with 3 work benches and different equipments. However, experiments requiring the use of toxic solvents should be done on an appropriate lab where a hood is installed.

ViewNamesort iconModel
3D Plotter E171.P0.14MDX-20
Analytical sieve shaker E208.P0.14
Microwave Oven E148.P0.14
Precision balance E176.P0.14
Ultra centrifugal mill E206.P0.14
Vacuum Oven E106.P0.14
Vacuum Oven E167.P0.14

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