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Histology Lab
The histology laboratory is equipped with a cryostat (Microm HM 560), a tissue processor (Microm STP 120), a paraffin embedding center (Microm EC 350), a microtome (Microm HM 355 S), automatic staining equipment (Microm HMS 740) and an oven. These equipments allow performing all the basic histological techniques in this lab, namely the fixation, paraffin embedding, cutting and staining of samples. Different types of samples can be processed, including natural-based materials developed in the f the group, tissue engineered constructs (scaffolds + cells) or tissues/implants explanted from animal models. Additionally to the automatization of the routine histological procedures, in the histology laboratory is possible to perform different immunocytochemical and immunohistochemical techniques, either with fluorescence or DAB/Streptavidin labeling.
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