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Bioreactor's Lab
The Bioreactors lab is a facility specifically devoted to the development and functionality assessment of advanced culturing systems, i.e., systems that have the potential to enhance the functionality of tissue engineered constructs as compared to the standard static culturing methodologies. Several systems have already been developed (an, in some cases patented) in the group that have different designs in order to achieve one or more of the following objectives: i) maintain an uniform distribution of cells in the 3D scaffolds ii) provide adequate levels of oxygen, nutrients, cytokines and growth factors iii) expose the cultured cells to mechanical stimuli.
This laboratory is equipped with one biohazard flow chamber and one CO2 incubator and several specific equipments to operate bioreactors (peristaltic pumps, for example).
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Incubator for bioreactors
There is no equipments defined for this facility.

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