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Cell Culture Lab
In the Cell Culture Laboratory (CCL) are carried out all the experiments involving cell lines, primary cells and/or stem cells, after isolation from different sources, from basic research to tissue engineering studies using the different materials developed in the group. The characterization of the cell culture work is carried out in the related facilities, Biologic Characterization, PCR, Histology and Microscopy & Flow Cytomety Laboratories. Further studies regarding culture under dynamic conditions are carried out in the Bioreactors Lab.
The CCL is equipped with all the “standard” cell culture equipments, including 6 biohazard laminar flow chambers, 4 CO2 incubators, an inverted light microscope and a centrifuge.
The Cell Culture Lab (CCL) is a clean room facility that has specific operating rules and therefore only certified researchers are allowed to work there. To become a certified user, each researcher has to go through a 3-4 weeks training course given by one of the certified trainers of the group.
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