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Biologic Characterization and PCR Lab
The Biologic Characterization and PCR Laboratories are equipped with a Microplate Reader (Synergie HT), two Cryopreservation Tanks (StateBourne Biorack 750 and Biosystem 24), Magnetic Stirrers, a Thermostatic Waterbath, a Vortex, a pH Meter, Centrifuges, Fridge/Freezer, an Electronic balance, Horizontal and Vertical Electrophoresis Tanks, and a Transiluminator (UVP). These equipments allow the characterization of the cultured cells. Additionally, this laboratory supports the cell culture laboratory for reagent preparation.

The PCR laboratory is equipped with a Flow chamber; a Nanodrop and a Thermocycler (BIORAD MiniOpticon). With the available equipments it is possible to perform the extraction and purification of nucleic acids; the quantification of protein and nucleic acids, as well as the expression and quantification of particular genes on biological samples.
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PCR Room

Cryopreservation system
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