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Papers in Scientific Journals (19)
Pires R. A., Aroso I. M., Silva S. P., Mano J. F., and Reis R. L., "Isolation of Friedelin from Black Condensate of Cork", Natural Product Communications, vol. 6, issue 11, pp. 1577-1579, 2011.
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Invited Lecture (5)
Conference Abstract -ISI Web of Science Indexed (4)
Comunications - Poster (10)
Araújo A. R., Fernandes J. S., Aroso I. M., Pires R. A., and Reis R. L., "CORK EXTRACTS AS UV PROTECTIVE AGENTS", 3nd ICVS-3B’s Associated Laboratory Meeting, Braga, Portugal, June 2013, 2013.
Comunication - Oral (12)
Martins A. M., Ferreira V., Queirós A., Aroso I. M., Ramos J. A., and Silva A. F., "Chemistry at gold Single Crystal Surfaces", New Trends in Molecular Electrochemistry. XII Meeting of the Portuguese Electrochemical Society, 2003.
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