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Joana Isabel Martins Cosme Vieira de Castro
Postdoctoral Fellows

Currently, I am involved in several projects including the isolation, in vitro culture and characterization of amniotic membrane-derived MSCs as well as the decellularization of the chorion membrane both from human placenta samples; the evaluation of the cytototoxic effect of different materials, in vitro; and the in vivo reaction to different natural or synthetic materials. 

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I graduated in Applied Biology by the University of Minho in 2008, and got my Master degree from University of Coimbra in 2010. In November of 2017, I obtained my PhD degree in Health Sciences from University of Minho. During my PhD, I worked in the field of cancer research, where I studied different players involved in the pathophysiology of gliomas. In this research, I 1)evaluated the influence of some genetic variants in glioma susceptibility and patient prognosis; 2)unveiled new insights on the influence of MSCs in GBM behaviour; and 3)identified a novel marker for the identification of GSCs.

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Mesenchymal stem cells; Amniotic and chorion membranes; Primary cell lines; In vitro assays; Antimicrobial assays;  In vivo experiments;  Tumor; Tumor microenvironment, Articular Inflammatory Diseases.


Cell-based therapy for the treatment of articular Inflammatory Diseases

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