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Interview to Rui L. Reis | Photomaton, RTP1, Telejornal | October 24th, 2021

Published, Oct 27 2021
Rui L. Reis is portrayed in the Photomaton program (section inserted in Telejornal of RTP1, evening news of the main public National TV), highlighting the scientist and the person, namely his work in the Lab and life in his home city of Porto. This program consists of small stories/sketches that reveal an instant, a portrait in 5 minutes with facts and relevant players selected from many radically different fields of activity. It originally combines photography and video and is presented by the well know journalist Candida Pinto. The portrait focuses mainly in Rui Reis’ activity as scientist and is therefore centred in the work done at 3B’s Research Group of I3Bs - University of Minho, that he founded and has been leading for more than 20 years.  
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