What were the biggest scientific breakthroughs of 2018? What scientific discoveries will 2019 bring? The most important regenerative medicine developments will be discussed by Prof. Rui Reis, Director of 3B's Research Group and Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation at...

Manuela E. Gomes will be the first president of I3Bs (Research Institute for Biomaterials, Biodegradables and Biomimetics) at University of Minho! This represents a major step for the Institute after its creation.


A professora Manuela E. Gomes tomou posse a 12 de...

Today we had the honor of receiving Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa, visiting ...

Rui L. Reis, Director of 3B's Research Group - Institute of Research in Biomaterials, Biomimetics and Biodegradables (I3Bs) of University of Minho, was distinguished on the 15th of November 2018 with the title of doctor honoris causa by the Universitatea POLITEHNICA din București (UPB)...

A cerimónia da tomada de posse do Conselho de Unidade da nova Unidade Orgânica da Universidade do Minho - I3Bs - Instituto de Investigação em Biomateriais, Biodegradáveis e Biomiméticos realizou-se a 19 de Setembro de 2018 pelas 10h no auditório do edifício onde funciona o I3Bs, no Avepark, nas...

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