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Researcher from 3B's Research Group, Guy Decante, awarded with an EMBO Scientific Exchange Grant

Researcher from 3B's Research Group, Guy Decante, awarded with an EMBO Scientific Exchange Grant

Published, Mar 07 2022

The EMBO Scientific Exchange Grants finances international research visits in the context of molecular biology purposes at large, between laboratories in partnered countries. These grants are intended for joint research work, preferably to establish new scientific relationships.

The grant was awarded to Guy Decante, PhD Student at 3B's Research Group, supervised by Prof. Rui Reis, Dr. Miguel Oliveira and Dr. Joana Correia, after a successful application submitted to EMBO to perform an exchange external visit to a recognised Lab, in this case at UCL, London, UK. This exchange aims at the adaptation of sustainable hydrogels developed at 3B’s and assess their potential for applications in hyaline cartilage tissue engineering (ear and nose cartilage regeneration).

The application required 2 research proposals, a presentation of the current work, a publication list, and letters of reference and are evaluated according to the quality of the project to be developed in the host laboratory (novelty, feasibility), the suitability of the host laboratory for the proposed work and previous interactions with the home laboratory, the value of the exchange for the home laboratory (expertise or technology transfer, collaboration, co-publication), the CV of the candidate, and in particular research experience.

Guy Decante joined 3B's Research Group in March 2020 after a double diploma between the ECAM Lyon in France, and the University of Limerick, in Ireland. He first joined for a Master's research scholarship within the B-Fabulus project, and now he is a PhD student at 3B' Research Group since december 2020. 

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