On-Chip Assessment of the Protein-Release Profile from 3D Hydrogel Arrays

last updated: 2013-04-11
TitleOn-Chip Assessment of the Protein-Release Profile from 3D Hydrogel Arrays
Publication TypePapers in Scientific Journals
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsOliveira M. B., and Mano J. F.

As the formation of healthy tissue and the treatment of several diseases is often dependent on an effective and prolonged action of bioactive agents, the delivery of molecules for therapeutic or induction purposes in a tissue is a common procedure. The correct administration of those agents is often dependent on tailored delivery mechanisms from hydrogel or polymeric matrices. To the best of our knowledge, methods for the high-throughput monitoring of bioactive agents delivery are nonexistent. The methods for the in vitro monitoring of molecules release are resource spending and laborious. As a simplifying alternative to these methods we propose the imprinting of superhydrophobic biomimetic surfaces with ring-shaped transparent spots with concentric superhydrophobic millimetric regions to be used as bioactive agents release study platforms. We designed an array where polymeric precursors mixed with a growth-factor model protein labeled with a fluorescent tag could be dispensed in the concentric highly repellent regions and crosslinked afterwards, generating a polymeric protein-loaded sphere.  The ring-shaped region was then filled with a physiological-like fluid that covered the polymeric sphere. The acquisition of sequential images of each spot over time using microscopy methods allowed monitoring easily the protein release by image-based fluorescence quantification. As the platform is easily adaptable and amenable for future automation in order to mimic standardized organs dynamics, we concluded that the device shows applicability for rapid and efficient in vitro bioactive agents release studies.

JournalAnalytical Chemistry
Date Published2013-01-29
KeywordsDrug delivery, high-throughput, image analysis
Peer reviewedyes

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