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Vila Flor Cultural Centre (CCVF), Guimarães, Portugal

02 | 03 JULY 2015

This is a series of events organized by 3B’s Research Group team that intends to make a stand in the worldwide range of conferences in the field. A range of world scientific leaders will be meeting and presenting their latest research, covering the most relevant topics related to Stem Cells and Nanotechnology and their uses in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. The meeting will be organized in a Gordon Research Conference style. In addition, besides a cutting edge scientific program in the field of Nanotechnology and Stem Cells applied to Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, we have included a dynamic social program that will allow an informal interaction between participants and a delightful experience in this beautiful historical city of Guimarães.


The POLARIS Conference
Challenges in Nanomedicine and Regenerative Medicine
Vila Flor Cultural Centre (CCVF), Guimarães, Portugal
29 June | 01 July 2015

This conference will address the latest research and advances in this increasingly multidisciplinary field by means of joining together leading scientists (with very strong research publication and funding records, and a large experience on high-level university education) in their respective participation topic. The aim is to promote knowledge transfer and a successful scientific/technological dialogue between young researchers and experienced ones. This event will be organized very similar to GRCs to encourage open communication and to establish a good, direct communication between scientists working in the same subject area or in complementary research fields. The broad spectrum of sub-themes that are related with the field of NanoMedicine (detailed in the website) and that will be included in the conference program requires a larger number of participants.

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