Advanced in-vitro cell culture methods using natural biomaterials

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TitleAdvanced in-vitro cell culture methods using natural biomaterials
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsAlves da Silva, ML, Reis R. L., and Neves N. M.
EditorsNeves N. M., and Reis R. L.
Abstract Text


The in vitro culturing of constructs for Tissue Engineering is a crucial step towards it future application in vivo. Not only the cells response to the biomaterials must be studied, but also the way cells interact with the scaffold in a specific tissue development context. In this chapter, we will provide an overview of the most advanced in vitro cell culture methods using natural-based biomaterials. We will explore the use of bioreactors as tools to scale-up biomaterials and cell-scaffold constructs, and also their use in the mimicking of a cellular microenvironment. The culture conditions of cells and scaffolds is another important issue, as different tissues require different oxygen tensions, or alternatively, show improved ability to regenerate when co-cultured with other types of cells. The recent advances in gene and drug delivery, using scaffolds and nanoparticles, are also explored herein.

Book TitleBiomaterials from Nature for Advanced Devices and Therapies
Pagination532 - 561
ISBN 978-1-118-47805-9
KeywordsAdvanced Therapies, in vitro studies
Peer reviewedyes

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