B-CULTURE – 4D human-based screening

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TitleB-CULTURE – 4D human-based screening
Publication TypeComunication - Oral
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsCanadas R. F., Marques A. P., Oliveira J. M., and Reis R. L.

B-CULTUREoffers the BIOreACT system (figure 1) to the Pharma, Cosmetic and Medical Implants Industries as a solution for relevant preclinical product screening. Typically, drugs take 12 years to be licensed and the costs reach $1.5 billion[1]. In average, 87% of the molecules getting to the clinical trials are false positives due to low preclinical testing accuracy[2]. Notably, improving 10% in their prediction can save up $100 million/molecule[3]. In this regard, B-CULTURE technology enables a human-like 4D environment able to control and regulate two different but connected human-like tissues (e.g. bone-cartilage, dermis-epidermis, blood-brain sides,), granting no ethical concerns unlike animal models and realistic screening unlike the in vitro alternatives. Our first products-to-market are the skin and osteochondral models. Overall, we provide a solution for monitored realistic screening of medical products.

Conference NameSFB 2019
Date Published2019-04-05
Conference LocationSeattle, USA
KeywordsB-CULTURE, Business Plan, drug screening, osteochondral model
Peer reviewedyes

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