Biomimicked Biomaterials

last updated: 2020-08-06
TitleBiomimicked Biomaterials
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsChun H. J., Reis R. L., Motta A., and Khang G.
EditorsChun H. J., Reis R. L., Motta A., and Khang G.
Journal Title Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Date Published2020-06-30
PublisherSpringer, Singapore
KeywordsBiomaterials, Drug delivery, hydrogel, Nano-intelligent Biocomposites, regenerative medicine, Stem cell, Tissue engineering

This book is the second of two volumes that together offer a comprehensive account of cutting-edge advances in the development of biomaterials for use within tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. In this volume, which is devoted to biomimetic biomaterials, the opening section discusses bone regeneration by means of duck’s feet-derived collagen scaffold and the use of decellularized extracellular matrices. The role of various novel biomimetic hydrogels in regenerative medicine is then considered in detail. The third section focuses on the control of stem cell fate by biomimetic biomaterials, covering exosome-integrated biomaterials for bone regeneration, cellular responses to materials for biomedical engineering, and the regulation of stem cell functions by micropatterned structures. Finally, the use of nano-intelligent biocomposites in regenerative medicine is addressed, with discussion of, for example, recent advances in biphasic calcium phosphate bioceramics and blood-contacting polymeric biomaterials. The authors are recognized experts in the interdisciplinary field of regenerative medicine and the book will be of value for all with an interest in regenerative medicine based on biomaterials.

Peer reviewedno

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