BIOreACT – Goodbye Flattened Biology

last updated: 2020-02-02
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TitleBIOreACT – Goodbye Flattened Biology
Publication TypeComunications - Poster
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsCanadas R. F., Marques A. P., Oliveira J. M., and Reis R. L.

Have you ever wondered why drug development is so costly and take so long to reach the market? BIOreACT vision is to make drug and cosmetic testing realistic before clinical trials and our mission is to provide reliable and ethical in vitro testing solutions and avoiding animal models issues. We offer to the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industries an advanced 3D in vitro cell culturing solution for boosting drugs/cosmetics screening. Unlike the current 2D and 3D testing methods and animal models, our 3D Bioreactor platform is dynamic and designed for biological interfaces. Overall, our solution fills the research gap between pre-clinical and clinical trials. Our fluidic system is composed of disposable interconnected dual-chambers which are adapted for mono- and co-cultures. Furthermore, BIOreACT allows the breakthrough of testing 2 different scenarios in a more realistic 3D microenvironment and interfaces. Our dual-chambers fit the commercial 6-well tissue culture plates and can be used standalone or copulated to our proprietary rotational platform. The rotational platform enables the control over cell seeding homogenization, improves culture medium diffusion in 3D constructs, and induces physical rotations similar to the human body movements. These features do result in increased metabolic activity of 59%, maturating constructs homogeneously and generating cell phenotype spatially controlled through the 3D constructs. Overall, BIOreACT patented technology triggers a paradigm shift for drugs and cosmetic testing, by hybridizing the concepts of bioreactors and microfluidics, which ultimately reduces the costs and time-to-market for drugs and cosmetics.

Conference NameTERMEX 2018
Date Published2018-02-04
Conference LocationKyoto, Japan
Keywordsbioreact, Business Plan, cosmetic screening, drug screening
Peer reviewedno

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