Testing Natural Biomaterials in Animal Models

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TitleTesting Natural Biomaterials in Animal Models
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsPinto A. R., Santos T. C., Neves N. M., and Reis R. L.
EditorsNeves N. M., and Reis R. L.
Abstract Text

Animal models have been extensively developed in the last decades in biomedical field. Their use has shown particular relevance in fields such as cell biology, genetics, anatomy and development, biochemistry, infection and immunity, cancer research, drugs and vaccine development, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The induced host tissue trauma and the inflammatory process resulting from the implantation of a medical device are of utmost importance for a successful outcome. Features of a chronic inflammation are usually attributed to the host response towards the implant, while an early acute inflammatory response is mainly endorsed by the implantation procedure. Animal testing comprises a midway step between in vitro studies and human clinical trials, which precede real clinical application. As every animal model has its advantages and disadvantages, a comprehensive analysis of each available species needs to be conducted when planning an animal study.

Book TitleNatural Biomaterials for Advanced Devices and Therapies
PublisherWiley Publisher
ISBN 978-1-118-47805-9
Keywordsacute inflammatory response, Animal models, antigen-presenting cells, cancer research, cell biology, drugs and vaccine development, regenerative medicine, Tissue engineering
Peer reviewedyes

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