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Cytocompatibility and Response of Osteoblastic-like Cells to Starch Based Materials: Effects of Several Additives and Processing Conditions


This work reports on the biocompatibility evaluation of new biodegradable starch-based polymers that are under consideration for
use in orthopaedic temporary applications and as tissue engineering sca!olds. It has been shown in previous works that by using these
polymers it is both possible to produce polymer/hydroxyapatite (HA) composites (with or without the use of coupling agents) with
mechanical properties matching those of the human bone, and to obtain 3D structures generated by solid blowing agents, that are
suitable for tissue engineering applications. This study was focused on establishing the in#uence of several additives (ceramic "llers,
blowing agents and coupling agents) and processing methods/conditions on the biocompatibility of the materials described above.
The cytotoxicity of the materials was evaluated using cell culture methods, according to ISO/EN 109935 guidelines. A cell suspension
of human osteosarcoma cells (HOS) was also seeded on a blend of corn starch with ethylene vinyl alcohol (SEVA-C) and on
SEVA-C/HA composites, in order to have a preliminary indication on cell adhesion and proliferation on the materials surface. In
general, the obtained results show that all the di!erent materials based on SEVA-C, (which are being investigated for use in several
biomedical applications), as well as all the additives (including the novel coupling agents) and di!erent processing methods required to
obtain the di!erent properties/products, can be used without inducing a cytotoxic behaviour to the developed biomaterials.

Biodegradable, cytotoxicity, Orthopaedics, Polymers, starch-based polymers
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