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Genipin-cross-linked collagen/chitosan biomimetic scaffolds for articular cartilage tissue engineering applications


Abstract: In this study, genipin-cross-linked collagen/chitosan biodegradable porous scaffolds were prepared for articular cartilage regeneration. The influence of chitosan amount and genipin concentration on the scaffolds physicochemical properties was evaluated. The morphologies of the scaffolds were characterized by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and cross-linking degree was investigated by ninhydrin assay. Additionally, the mechanical properties of the scaffolds were assessed under dynamic compression. To study the swelling ratio and the biostability of the collagen/chitosan scaffold, in vitro tests were also carried out by immersion of the scaffolds in PBS solution or digestion in collagenase, respectively. The results showed that the morphologies of the scaffolds underwent a fiber-like to a sheet-like structural transition by increasing chitosan amount. Genipin crosslinking remarkably changed the morphologies and pore sizes of the scaffolds when chitosan amount was less than 25%. Either by increasing the chitosan ratio or performing cross-linking treatment, the swelling ratio of the scaffolds can be tailored. The ninhydrin assay demonstrated that the addition of chitosan could obviously increase the cross-linking efficiency. The degradation studies indicated that genipin cross-linking can effectively enhance the biostability of the scaffolds. The biocompatibility of the scaffolds was evaluated by culturing rabbit chondrocytes in vitro. This study demonstrated that a good viability of the chondrocytes seeded on the scaffold was achieved. The SEM analysis has revealed that the chondrocytes adhered well to the surface of the scaffolds and contacted each other. These results suggest that the genipin-cross-linked collagen/chitosan matrix may be a promising formulation for articular cartilage scaffolding.

Journal of Biomedical Materials Research-Part A
articular cartilage, Chitosan, Collagen, genipin, Tissue engineering
Open Access
Peer Reviewed
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