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Human mesenchymal stem cells response to multi-doped silicon-strontium calcium phosphate coatings


The search for apatitic calcium phosphate coatings to improve implants osteointegration is, nowadays, preferentially focused in the obtaining of compositions closer to that of the inorganic phase of bone. Silicon and strontium are both present in trace concentrations in natural bone and have been demonstrated, by separate, to significantly improve osteoblastic response on calcium phosphate bioceramics. This work aims the controlled and simultaneous multi-doping of carbonated calcium phosphate coatings with both elements, Si and Sr, by pulsed laser deposition technique and the biological response of human mesenchymal stem cells to them. A complete physicochemical characterization has been also performed to analyze the coatings and significant positive effect was obtained at the osteogenic differentiation of cells, confirming the enormous potential of this multi-doping coating approach.

Journal of Biomaterials Applications
Calcium Phosphate, human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells differentiation, Multi-doped coatings, pulsed laser deposition, silicon, strontium
Restricted Access (2 Years)
Peer Reviewed
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