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Multifunctional Scaffolds for Brain Repair Following Ischemic Stroke


Stroke is a leading cause of death worldwide and increased numbers are being reported each year. Stroke impairs surviving patients’ life and current treatments are scarce, with a narrow therapeutic window. Providing the conditions for brain repair on lesion sites, protecting remaining neurons and stimulating endogenous mechanisms are key targets for brain recovery/regeneration following stroke. The present work focus on stem cell transplantation (NSCs and MSCs), for trophic support and cell replacement, to be encapsulated within Mn2+ hydrogels (blends of thiolated Hyaluronic Acid and methacrylated Gellan Gum) to promote transplanted/host cells’ survival and proliferation. Additionally, growth factor-loaded nanoparticles will be blended on the hydrogel, for their controlled release on the lesion site. The incorporation of Mn2+ into the hydrogels will allow the biomaterials’ imaging during implantation and throughout the experiment. The goal is to provide a suitable environment for neural regeneration following stroke, while allowing the imaging of scaffolds through MRI-based techniques. The functionalization of the Hyaluronic Acid (HA) was successful, as proved by NMR analysis and physical assessment (in basic pH the hydrogel reacts with oxygen and self-crosslinks without needing the addition of other compounds). The thiolated HA was incubated for 4 hours with murine erythrocytes and did not produce haemolysis (bursting of the erythrocytes) in any of the concentrations (0.5%, 1% and 1.5%), as established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) haemolytic index. The future work will consist in evaluating the biocompatibility of the produced hydrogel, using NSCs and MSCs cultures.

Biomaterials, Stem cells, Stroke, Tissue engineering
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