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Reys L. L., Oliveira C., Oliveira J. M., López-Cebral R., Silva S. S., Silva T. H., and Reis R. L., "Polissacarídeos de origem marinha para aplicação em estratégias de engenharia de tecidos", Valorização dos Recursos Marinhos: Biomateriais em Regeneração de Tecidos e Libertação de Fármacos, Eds. Carmen G. S., Pilar S. P., Julio M. L., José V. A., Ricardo P. M. I., Tiago S. H., and Reis R. L., IIM-CSIC, Vigo, Espanha, pp. 107-145, 2015.
Silva T. H., and Reis R. L., "Drug delivery systems and cartilage tissue engineering scaffolding using marine-derived products", Functional Marine Biomaterials: Properties and Applications, Eds. Kim S. - K., Woodhead Publishing, 1st, pp. 123 - 136, doi:10.1016/B978-1-78242-086-6.00008-X, 2015.
Silva T. H., Duarte A. R. C., Moreira-Silva J., Mano J. F., and Reis R. L., "Biomaterials from Marine-Origin Biopolymers", Biomimetic Approaches for Biomaterials Development, Eds. Mano J. F., Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 1st, pp. 3-24, doi:10.1002/9783527652273, 2012.
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Silva T. H., "Innovative applications from marine macrobes - are sustainable exploitations of marine resources possible?", New Frontiers in Blue Biotechnology, Lunch Briefing at European Parliament (invitation from Ulrike Rodust, MEP), 2014.
Silva T. H., and Reis R. L., "Project IBEROMARE – context and work strategy", 1st IBEROMARE Seminar: "“Valorização de subprodutos da actividade pesqueira: uma perspectiva industrial”, 2010.
Silva T. H., "From marine resources to tissue engineering applications: valorization of marine biopolymers", 3rd Marie Curie Cutting Edge Practical Training Course - InVENTScience, 2009.
Silva T. H., "What biopolymers can we extract from the sea?", 3B’s Short Workshop on Natural-based polymers for biomedical applications, 2009.
Conference Abstract -ISI Web of Science Indexed (19)
Silva T. H., and Reis R. L., "Marine inspired biomaterials: from sea up to tissue regeneration approaches", Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, vol. 8, issue S1, pp. 143 - 144, doi:10.1002/term.1931, 2014.
Comunications - Poster (40)
Reys L. L., Silva S. S., Oliveira N. M., Soares da Costa D., Mano J. F., Reis R. L., and Silva T. H., "Evaluation of the potential of fucoidan-based microparticles for diabetes treatment", TERMIS EU: European Chapter Meeting of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society, 2016.
Domingues A., Moreira-Silva J., Bayon Y., Perez-Martin R. I., Sotelo C. G., Silva T. H., and Reis R. L., "Preparation of marine origin collagen membranes", Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society – European Chapter Meeting 2013 (termistanbul2013), 2013.
Zhang H., Shahbazi M. - A., Mäkilä E., Silva T. H., Reis R. L., Hirvonen J., and Santos H. A., "Diatom Enhanced the Drug Delivery for Colon Inflammation Disease", BioNanoMed 2013 – 4th International Congress Nanotechnology, Medicine & Biology, 2013.
Reys L. L., Silva S. S., Oliveira J. M., Frias A. M., Mano J. F., Silva T. H., and Reis R. L., "Valorization of chitosan from squid pens and further use on the development of scaffolds for biomedicalapplications", XXXVIII Congress of the European Society for Artificial Organs (ESAO 2011) and IVBiennial Congress of the International Federation on Artificial Organs (IFAO 2011), 2012.

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