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Invited Lecture (35)
Neves N. M., "Regenerative Medicine using Nanomaterials ", Nanomedicine: at the crossroads of converging sciences, 2007.
Neves N. M., "Scaffolds for Tisssue Engineering ", 4th Marie Curie Cutting Edge Conference on Biocompatibility evaluation and biological behaviour of polymeric biomaterials, 2007.
Neves N. M., "Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering ", EMEA-Infarmed-Expertissues Workshop on the “European Guideline on Cell-Based Medicinal Products”, 2007.
Neves N. M., "Adult Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells Seeded in Natural Polymer-Based Scaffolds for Bone and Cartilage Tissue Engineering", ESF-EMBO on Stem Cells in Tissue Engineering: Isolation, Culture, Characterisation and Applications, 2006.
Conference Abstract -ISI Web of Science Indexed (37)
Neves N. M., "Keynote: Multi-scale scaffolds for tissue engineering", Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, vol. 6, issue Suppl. 1, pp. 224-224, doi:10.1002/term.1586, 2012.
Conference Paper -ISI Web of Science Indexed (4)
Martins A., Cunha J., Macedo F., Reis R. L., and Neves N. M., "Improvement of polycaprolactone nanofibers topographies: Testing the influence in osteoblastic proliferation", 2006 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show - NSTI Nanotech 2006 Technical Proceedings, vol. 2, pp. 148-151, 2008.
Neves N. M., Pontes A. J., and Pouzada A. S., "Effect of the interaction coefficient in the prediction of the fiber orientation of injection molded glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate", Antec 2000: Society of Plastics Engineers Technical Papers, Conference Proceedings, Vols I-Iii, pp. 2377-2381, 2000.
Neves N. M., and Pouzada A. S., "The use of morphology data in the design of injection moulded flat products", Antec '99: Plastics Bridging the Millennia, Conference Proceedings, Vols I-Iii: Vol I: Processing; Vol Ii: Materials; Vol Iii: Special Areas;, pp. 3309-3313, 1999.
Comunications - Poster (110)
Casanova M. R., Reis R. L., Martins A., and Neves N. M., "Personalized advanced therapies for skeletal tissue regeneration", Ciência 2018 - Encontro com a Ciência e Tecnologia em Portugal, 2018.
Monteiro I. P., Cerqueira M. T., Frias A. M., Neves N. M., Marques A. P., and Reis R. L., "Differentiating amniotic fluid stem cells for skin Tissue Engineering. ", 6th Marie Curie Cutting Edge Conference - Stem Cells: from the Petri dish to the clinical application. InventScience 3008., 2008.

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