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Comunications - Poster (29)
Alves N. M., "Flexural and tensile TSR on Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) near Tg", Molecular Mobility and Order in Polymer Systems – 3rd International Symposium, 1999.
Comunication - Oral (12)
Oliveira S. M., Song W., Alves N. M., and Mano J. F., "Bioinspired superhydrophobic polystyrene surfaces for spatial control of cell attachment/proliferation", European Chapter of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) 2011 Annual Meeting, 2011.
Shi J., Alves N. M., and Mano J. F., "Surface modification in biodegradable substrates to thermally trigger the apatite layer formation", 3rd Marie Curie Cutting Edge InVENTS Conference on Biomineralisation of polymeric materials, bioactive biomaterials and biomimetic methodologies, 2007.

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