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Manuela E. Gomes
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  • Habilitation in Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells - focus area of tissue Engineering, University of Minho, 2019
  • PhD in Materials Science and Engineering – Tissue Engineering/Hybrid Materials - Department of Polymer Engineering, University of Minho (Portugal) in cooperation with the Department of Bioengineering, Rice University (USA).
  • Master-degree in Polymer Engineering - School of Engineering, University of Minho (Portugal) in cooperation with the company Isotis, Bilthoven (Holland)
  • Graduation in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, CENG - Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto
Research Area: 

Bone and cartilage Tissue engineering strategies for musculoskeletal tissues, namely:

  • Development and characterization of scaffold materials based on biodegradable polymers for tissue engineering applications. 
  • Cell culturing on biodegradable scaffolds: stem cells sourcing (bone marrow and adipose tissue) and differentiation. 
  • Dynamic Cell culturing systems (bioreactors) for tissue engineering application: design and use of systems capable of enhancing differentiation and proliferation of stem cells seeded onto 3D scaffolds.

Current main research topics:

  • Development of multifunctional scaffolds, associating different materials formats (membranes 3D structures, nanoparticles) and microengineered hydrogels
  • Bioreactors design – development of bioreactors for culturing constructs with clinical relevant dimensions and/or to provide specific stimulus and/or systems for on-line monitoring of in vitro functionality
  • Periodontal tissue engineering - design of bi-layer and/or injectable scaffolds to achieve simultaneous regeneration of the different tissues involved and stem cell sourcing/differentiation for such applications
  • Tendon tissue Engineering – design of specific scaffolds, composed of oriented fiber to enhance tenogenic development of human adipose tissue stem cells (hASCs) and aminiotic fluid stem cells (hAFSCs).
  • Magnetic force based tissue engineering approaches for tissue regeneration

Main Ongoing Projects:

  • ERC Consolidator Grant (ERC CoG) MagTendon – Magnetically assisted Tissue Engineering Technologies for Tendon Regeneration, 2MEuros, 2018-2022

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