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Araujo A.R.
PhD Students

Researcher in cork projects as GlueCork, BioactiveCork and WaterCork.

The new products provide from cork are in constant exploration. The cork extracts and the compounds like suberin and polyol are in the center of the projects because of their potential an attempt to waste recovery. 

Short Biographical Sketch: 

BSc in Chemical Engineering (2006-2009)

MSc in Chemical Engineering - Ambiental Protection Technologies (2009-2011)

Research Area: 

Chemestry research:  preparation of  the components using methods as extraction liquid-liquid with solvetns and purifications processes, to obtein tannins present in the cooking water, tannins, polyols and hydroxy acids present in condensed tannins and black, Lignin and suberin, and phenolics extracts presents in the cork.

Biology research: The cork extracts are used to test the antioxidant capability of them. Theses studys are made in vitro, using Human Dermal Firbroblast and Keratinocytes.


Developed skills:

- cell culture of human stem cells in materials characterization and novel applications of the same at the cellular level.

- knowledge on different assessment techniques proliferation and cell viability: MTS assay, DNA assay, Live / Dead, AlamarBlue, Comet assay and quantification of collagen, were acquired.

- materials characterization, including FTIR, UV-vis., SEM, DSC and others.


Master researcher in cork projects.

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