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Vânia Isabel Baptista de Castro
PhD Students

PhD Student in the Doctoral Program in Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells

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2016 (August) 2017 (August) - Researcher in the project PTDC/BBBEBB/1676/2014- DESZYME: Biocatalytic separation of enantiomers using Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents, with financially support from Fundação da Ciência e Tecnologia(FCT)

2016 (January-July) - Researcher of the project I&DT Co-Promotion Nº 3334 “COVER-ED - New meat products with physical and chemical protection by the application of edible coatings and other active systems”- financed by FEDER through the POCl.

2014 - Researcher in Department of Chemistry of the University of Minho within the scope of a project financed by FCT namely “Design based on structure and biological activity studies permeabilizing membranes Peptaibols antibiotics model incorporating unnatural amino acids”.

2013 - Master degree in Medicinal Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Minho.

2012 – Chemistry Degree,Department of Chemistry, University of Minho.


Research Area: 

Understanding the supramolecular strutures and their molecular rearrangement;

Preparations of self-assemble hydrogels for biomedical applications;

Synthesis of peptides for biomolecular approaches;

Characterization of peptides and biomatreials produced using different techniques (NMR, CD, FTIR, rheometer).

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