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Approved Research Grants - LA ICVS/3Bs

Approved Research Grants - LA ICVS/3Bs

Published, Mar 07 2014
Project Title PI Co-PI Surface-Engineered Dendrimers as Novel Nanocarriers for the Delivery of
Temozolomide Chemotherapy into Malignant Brain Tumors  Bruno M. Costa (ICVS) Miguel Oliveira (3B's) Tracking cell-cell communication in neural cells by sugar labeling Joao C Sousa (ICVS) Iva Pashkuleva (3Bs) Universal vaccine for tuberculosis based on  liposomal  delivery of
hypervariable antigens  Nuno Osório (ICVS) Margarida Martins (3B's) ARTHYMUS Artificial thymus conception: a tissue engineering strategy
hypervariable antigens Cláudia Serre Miranda  (ICVS) Ana Costa-Pinto (3B's) 3D Tumours-Development of a 3D culture system for the in vitro study of tumor pathophysiology Albino Martins (3B's) Marta Viana-Pereira (ICVS) MicroSpy-SPIONs-loaded Trojan microparticles as drug carriers for the treatment of tuberculosis Márcia T. Rodrigues (3B's) Carine Gonçalves (ICVS) Bioresorbable urological stent systems based on natural polymers Ana Rita C. Duarte (3B's) Estevão Lima (ICVS) Evaluation of autophagy in cell sheets of adipose stromal/stem cells in normoxia and hypoxia: correlation with stemness Rogério Pirraco (3B's) Maria Azevedo (ICVS)
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