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Exposição Cientifica-FNAC Braga: Uma Visão Dinâmica da Ciência, 2018-10-12
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Exposição Cientifica-FNAC Braga: Uma Visão Dinâmica da Ciência, 2018-10-12

Published, Oct 11 2018
  The Creativity team of the PhDynamics is pleased to invite you to participate in the opening session of the exposition "Uma Visão Dinâmica da Ciência" schedule to be held on FNAC (Bragaparque) on 12th of October at 21:30 h.

The Photos will be on exhibition from 12th of October to 12th of November.
The photographic exposition arises from the Photo Dynamic Contest organized by the Creativity Team. This scientific photography contest carried out by the PhD students of 3B’s Research Group aims to contribute to the improvement of scientific creativity, thereby offering a perspective of 3B’s Research Group scientific work to the society. The contest involved all the members of 3B’s Research Group and the exhibited photos are the result of a previous selection process in which the 10 most voted photos are exhibited here.

The opening session will be chaired by Professor Rui Reis and the top 3 photos will be announced.

Looking forward to see you in the opening session!

  Organization: Creativity team (PhDynamics team); 3Bs Research Group; FNAC
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